Gutter Guards: Importance And Maintenance Tips

We know gutters, but what about gutter guards? What is it, its importance, and its maintenance needs? Is it the same as the gutter itself? Find out by reading the entirety of this article. The importance and maintenance needs of gutter guards will be discussed here.

Gutters are pipes that collect and remove water from the roofline of a house. Water is directed to the proper drain by gutters.

If your home is surrounded by a row of trees, your gutters have probably gotten clogged at some point. Clogged gutters may cause destructive leakage and moisture around the house.

Even though gutter cleaning is an important part of keeping your house in its best state, preventing damage and clogging is still a very sound option, don’t you agree?

If you do agree, then you will also agree that gutter guards are necessary.

Gutter Guards

A gutter guard, as the name suggests, is a device that encloses your gutters to collect or shed any debris that falls from your roof.

Returning to the original question, how do you prevent damage and stop leaves and other debris from clogging your gutters?

The most compelling method to do this is to install a gutter guard Charleston homeowners love. Although it may increase the total amount of money you must spend, it will pay off in the long run.

Now, are gutter guards important? If you want to reduce the times you need to unclog your gutters, then the answer is yes.

Types of Gutter Guards


Gutter guard screens that sit on the top of the gutters are made from a wired mesh. Mesh gutter guards are attached to the roof shingles with fasteners.

Small holes are better than big holes since they block up less often. Smaller holes allow water to enter the gutter whilst also sifting out all the unwanted particles.


Sizeable pipe cleaners that sit inside gutters and prevent the entry of large debris that could clog the gutters are what constitute brush-style gutter protection.

The prickle-like bristles that prevent birds from nesting on monuments and other components are similar to the bottle brush gutter guards’ appearance.

As water fills the downspout, dirt is allowed to accumulate on top, thanks to the bristles’ vertical orientation.

Reverse Curve

Lightweight metal or plastic that has been molded is used to create reverse-curve leaf filters. While the leaves and other particles drop off the boundary and onto the ground, water flows over the top, down a downward curve, and into the gutter below.

Overall, the reverse curve is designed to let leaves fall to the ground while still guiding water into the drain pipe through a tiny slot.

Gutter Guard Maintenance Tips

Despite having gutter guards, you still need to clean and maintain your gutter and gutter guard. The only difference is that gutter guards will make the number of times you need to clean or repair your gutter.

You can have it cleaned every change of season, after a storm, or once a year, depending on your choice; just let gutter cleaning Mt Pleasant SC companies know.

When you get your gutters cleaned, let the professional cleaners know that you also want to have you gutter guards clean. Do not be afraid to ask since they will be more than willing to do it for you.

All in all, gutter guards are put in to keep the gutters clean; even though they usually work well, the gutters, along with the gutter guards, must still be cleaned once or twice a year. If you want them to work as intended, do not ignore their maintenance needs.


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