Essential Oil From India

The use of herbs and aromatic plants was started first time in India during the Vedic period by the Rishi’s and Muni’s who were the doctors of ancient times when medical science did not had an existence, as an Ayurvedic treatment. The Vedic book of India describe use of 700 plant including cinnamon, coriander, basil, ginger, sandalwood. India consists of rich class of fragrant wood and spices, which are used widely from thousands of years in various fields-medicine, cosmetic, food items, spa, aromatherapy, perfume and Ayurveda.  Lemongrass Oil is the earliest form of medicine used for therapeutic reasons as well as pursuit of balance and harmony. Basil is a holy plant of India, having many medicinal properties.

Essential oils are procured from the natural resources like-herbs, fruits, seeds, flowers and leaves of the plants, which are rich in aroma, medicinal properties and flavors. These are the oldest and effective oils used by the human beings; they are very light oils and are easily absorbed by the body. Turmeric oil found in India as used as a multi-purpose oil in various fields, in traditional Indian medicine, turmeric oil is used as an antiseptic in wounds, fever, cold and cough as well as it is also used in making of food as it provide color and flavor to the particular food items and as massage oils in various skin treatments. Sandalwood oil one any only oil of the best quality and a class fragrance is a plant native to India, used in countless applications due to its pleasurable fragrance.Sandalwood oil is used majorly in religious qualities, carving, perfumes and cosmetic products etc.

Uses of Indian Essential Oils

Essential oils are volatile liquid; rich in aromatic compounds procured from various parts of the plants. These are natural oils which are used for distinct purpose in medicinal, aromatherapy, flavoring agent, cosmetics, perfumes, herbal treatments, and Ayurveda. By undergoing various extraction oils are procured from the leaves, flowers, stem, fruit and root of the plant. Because of their volatile nature they are easily absorbed by the body and can be used in massage and for healing purposes. Generally essential oils are extracted by two methods by cold pressing method and steam distillation method.

Ayurveda: it is a traditional medicinal treatment, practice in India during the Vedic period. The use of herbs and aromatic plants was first time done in India for treatment of various ailments in Indian Ayurvedic system. The fragrance procured from the oils are used in many different ways- Indian Ayurvedic medicine use clove oil as a pain killer, it is used to treat infection in teeth and gums. Cardamom oil is use d to break stones in kidney and gall bladder, helps to improve digestive disorder in Ayurvedic treatment in India.

Aromatherapy: it is a process which uses natural oils and aromatic compounds yield from the plants for the prevention and treatment of the disease. Lemon oil, thyme oil, Eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil are popular aromatherapy oils with over 9000 years in Indian therapeutic use. Lemon oil is used in uplifting of mood and the essence of lemon oil is used as an anti- stress agent, which reduces stress.

Food products: The food of Indian cuisine is made by various herbs, spices, vegetables and fruits that are majorly grown in India as well as some of the regions of south East Asia. Turmeric, cardamom, black pepper and mustard which were harvested in India are some of the most popular essential oils which are used and add nutritional value to the food as well as enhanced the flavor of foods, these oils are also used as a coloring agent which provides color to the food and the fragrance is used to provide a rich aromatic smell.

Spa and Rejuvenation: By the use of essential oil, one can restore skin cells to look beautiful, healthy and stress free. With Spa one can restore its body energy, relax and clam by various massage treatment like body massage, facial massage, health massage and lots more. Different massage process required various essential oil as they are easily vaporized and absorbed by the skin and leads to the quick relief from the pain like carrot seed oil which helps in maintaining skin ageing and keeps skin smooth and healthy, basil oil is used as an anti-biotic in the treatment of pimples, lemon grass oil moisturized the skin and also used as a cleanser for oily skin.

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