7 Tips Hidden in the iPhone 15 Plus That Will Simplify Your Life

No matter how many new models of the iPhone are released, they always catch the attention of everyone around the world, particularly regarding new functions that meet our needs and help make our lives easier. Today we will introduce 7 not-so-secret tips hidden in the iPhone 15 Plus that, if known, are guaranteed for more seamless and efficient use.

7 Not-so-secret Tips Hidden in the iPhone 15 Plus

  1. Dynamic Island

The Dynamic Island is no longer just a notch. Currently, all iPhone 15 models, including the iPhone 15 Plus, can now use Dynamic Island which definitely helps to optimize screen space. The Dynamic Island’s pop-ups and notification status can be adjusted to suit various activities, whether it be controls while listening to music without having to enter the application, timer countdown display, real-time status of food delivery, navigation, to other applications that support this function.

  1. Listen to Page

The launch of the iPhone 15 Plus came with iOS 17 which has secretly added a Listen to Page feature to the Safari browser that allows Siri read the content written on websites back to us without having to highlight to read anymore. More importantly, if you were to take a break from listening, Siri is able to continue reading the content from where you left off. This meets the demand of those that need information but lack the time to read on their own, or those with extremely poor eyesight.

  1. Lock White Balance

Those that like videography would love this feature where you can now lock White Balance in iOS 17 on the iPhone 15 Plus. By keeping the White Balance locked, this eliminates the constant need to press on the screen to adjust the lighting as your camera moves around. This allows you to shoot continuously with sharper and more realistic colors.

  1. Camera Level

The camera continues to be a subject of focus, especially for those with slanted vision when taking photos. These problems will no longer exist because the iPhone 15 Plus and other models have a Camera Level function that acts as measure how slanted our photos are just as we are about to press the shutter. This can be considered as another tool to allow more convenience and efficiency when taking photos and videos.

  1. Apple Maps offline

Don’t worry about getting lost again, even in places without signal. Now, the iPhone 15 Plus and other models can view Apple Maps offline, with application updates to make it more easy to use such as precise directions that are easier to understand.

  1. StandBy Mode

Every time you charge your iPhone 15 Plus, it can change from a normal mobile phone screen to a smart screen with the StandBy Mode function, a function that displays information from various applications through widgets to view the information at all times. Whether it be a clock to tell the time, battery information, calendar, upcoming appointments, or a smart photo frame that displays photos from your favorite albums, this can all be done just by turning on the StandBy Mode function while charging and placing your phone horizontally.

  1. 80% Limit Charge

To help preserve and extend your phone’s battery lifespan for longer, the iPhone 15 Plus comes with an 80% Limit Charge function where the system will pause charging as you charge the battery up to approximately 80%. If the battery drops to 75%, it will recharge to 80% again, and will charge to 100% from time to time in order to maintain the optimum battery power at all times.


These are some not-so-secret tips of new functions that allow you to use your iPhone 15 Plus in a more fun and efficient way. With all these outstanding functions, own the iPhone 15 Plus now by ordering online on Studio7 or at all branches

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